What Steps to Expect for Buyers

Buying a home entails many steps that can be guided through by an expert Buyer’s gent.

1. Needs Assessment

a. Analyze home needs and requirements

b. Discuss market trends

2. Property Selection

a. Use all professional resources to present listed and unlisted homes for review

b. Provide information regarding Coming Soon homes

c. Conduct new home and new subdivision research

3. Viewing Properties

a. Provide objective information

b. Provide onsite representation for new neighborhoods

c. Conduct per-­sale analysis

d. deep buyer informed of changing financial markets

4. Negotiating

a. Prepare market CM for homes of interest

b. Develop a buyers strategy for presentation success

c. Maintain confidentiality of buyers information

d. Suggest protective contract clauses

e. Offer Same as Cash qualification from our preferred lender

5. Follow­Through

a. Provide Professional Closing Team and players list

b. Recommend best inspectors

c. Define property encumbrances

d. Provide list of home service provider